Instructions & FAQs

Applied Labels™

Applied Labels™ are custom-printed, durable, dishwasher-safe labels. Apply them to a dry and clean surface. Handle the label by the edges to avoid contaminating the adhesive. Place the label and press very firmly, especially on the corners. Wait 24 hours before washing as bond strength builds with time.

Applied Labels™ are great for coats, sweaters and uniforms with tags. They are not for use on underwear, socks or tagless T-shirts.

How to apply our labels to clothing with tags:

Step 1

Clothing Tags

Place the blank backer behind the tag, sticky side up.
Step 2

Clothing Stickers

Align the printed label and press, with sticky sides together.

Wash and dry clothing as normal because the labels will stay put. If you want to remove the labels, just snip and peel. It's like they were never there!

The labels must be placed on a tag. Do not apply directly to fabric.

Watch a video to see how Applied Labels™ are applied.

Classic Iron-Ons

Place label text side up on the fabric.

Pre-heat iron for 5 min. on high setting - no steam.

Press with very firm stationary pressure for 10 sec.


Shoe Shields™

Applied Labels™ can also be used in shoes. Apply the name label to the inside, flat heel area of the shoe and press firmly. Shoe labels take a real stomping, so we recommend covering the name label with our clear Shoe Shields™. Center the Shoe Shields™ label over the name label and press firmly. Super Tough.

Watch a video to see how Shoe Sheilds™ are applied.

Baby Dates™

Baby Dates ™ are mini, single-use date labels ideal for daily bottle dating. They are designed to remove easily. Remove and discard prior to washing the bottle. If the label gets wet or is washed, any residue can be easily removed by gently rubbing with your fingers.

Watch a video to learn how to apply our bottle labeling solutions.

Baby Tapes™

Baby Tapes™ are dishwasher-safe, color-coded tapes. For baby bottles, wrap the tape fully around a clean, dry bottle. Overlap the tape by 1.5 - 2 inches. Cut the tape and press firmly. Center and place your Applied Labels™ name label over the tape. Press firmly, especially on the corners.

Watch a video to learn how to apply our bottle labeling solutions.

Additional Tips & Warnings

Do not reposition any labels or tapes once applied, as the bond strength will be compromised. If you do not like the position, discard the label or tape and begin with fresh materials. These labels are not intended for use on baby bottle nipples or breast milk storage bags. A small amount of edge lift is possible, but always remove and replace any label that appears to be disbonding. This should be very rare. Inspect your labels and tapes periodically and always clean off any visible adhesive residues.

Note: All labels and tape should be applied by adults. Periodically inspect and replace any labels or tape that appears to be lifting. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When will my labels arrive?
A. You can choose between First Class Mail, Priority Mail and Express Mail. Below is a chart showing the typical delivery time for the contiguous 48 states.

Service Processing Time Shipping Time Total Time
USPS First Class Mail 1-2 Business Days 2-5 Business Days 4-7 Business Days
USPS Priority Mail 1-2 Business Days 2-5 Business Days 3-5 Business Days
USPS Express Mail 1-2 Business Days 1-2 Business Days 2-4 Business Days
International Mail 1-2 Business Days Varies Varies

Q. Those labels stick so well. How do I get them off?
A. The labels can be removed but it takes very deliberate action. Work a corner free and then peel the label. To remove any adhesive residue, we recommend applying Goo Gone to the surface. Let it sit for a minute. The residue will remove easily. Wash all bottles, sippies, utensils, etc. in the dishwasher before using.

Q. What size are the Applied Labels™?
A. The labels are 1.5" by 0.5".

Q. Can I split a single order between two or three names?
A. Unfortunately, we can not split an order as each name requires custom processing. A great and versatile solution is to use the family name and a phone number on line 2.

Q.What are some examples of two line labels?
A. Some commonly requested two line, custom text labels include:
* Line 1: "This Belongs To:", Line 2: Name
* Line 1: Name (Child's or Family's), Line 2: Phone Number or Email Address
* Line 1: "Breast Milk For:", Line 2: Name

Q. What is the font size?
A. Font size is dependent on the number of characters requested. We will maximize the name to the largest available font size.

Q. Can I just write the date on the name/date label instead of using Baby Dates™?
A. At first, we thought markers would work. We tested several markers for the date, but found them all fairly problematic. Permanent and dry-erase markers would not remove cleanly, leaving an ever-increasing stain. Wet-erase markers actually work well in perfectly dry conditions, but the ink disintegrates once the slightest amount of condensation forms. So, we came up with the ideal solution, Baby Dates™ - simple, quick, easily removable, and highly legible.

Q. Are custom labels available?
A. Applied Labels LLC is a solution-oriented company. Please email us with your custom label request.

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We offer the very best in personalized name labels. Our selection includes waterproof labels, dishwasher-safe labels, specialty baby bottle labels, date labels and clothing labels like iron-on labels. They are the perfect labels for kids attending daycare, school, or camp. They are equally as great for grown-ups or nursing homes too. We print and ship typically within 1 business day from the Memphis, TN area. Your labels will stay put and so will the ink, 100% guaranteed. We also offer custom labels for your special projects.