Product Descriptions

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Adhesive Labels Applied Labels™ are ultra durable, waterproof and dishwasher/laundry safe personalized name labels.
Adhesive Labels Iron On Labels can be used on almost any clothing item! They work especially well on items without a tag, such as socks and T-shirts.
Custom Labels Shoe Shields™ are an accessory to your Applied Labels™. They are clear, unprinted, protective labels used to cover name labels in shoes.
Custom Labels Blank Clothing Backers are another accessory to your Applied Labels™. They are blank, unprinted labels that allow your name labels to be used on clothing.
Date Labels Baby Dates™ are mini, single-use date labels ideal for daily bottle dating. They are designed to remove easily.
Color-Code Labels Baby Tapes™ are dishwasher-safe color code tapes.
Name Stickers Content Labels are Applied Labels™ that are preprinted to say "Formula" or "Breast Milk."
  Dishwasher Safe Baby Bottle Labels

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We offer the very best in personalized name labels. Our selection includes waterproof labels, dishwasher-safe labels, specialty baby bottle labels, date labels and clothing labels like iron-on labels. They are the perfect labels for kids attending daycare, school, or camp. They are equally as great for grown-ups or nursing homes too!