Shoe Labels

Shoe Labels

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Protective covers for Applied Labels

12 per Strip



1.77"x 0.59"

Shoe labels take a stomping, so we recommend covering your Applied Labels™ (name labels) with Shoe Shields™. Shoe Shields™ are protective, clear, unprinted labels and are slightly larger than Applied Labels™ .

One strip of 12 will label 6 pairs of shoes

Simply apply the name label to the inside, flat heel area of the shoe and press firmly. Center the Shoe Shields™ label over the name label and press firmly.

Watch video instructions.

Note: Labels should be applied by adults. Periodically inspect and replace any labels that appear to be lifting. 

Order Shoe Shields™, only $1.95 a strip

Shoe Labels

Shoe Shields™ are clear, protective, overlaminating labels. Place them over your Applied Labels™ and your name labels in your shoes will last and last! Super durable shoe labels.