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About our products:

"These have been great; it's my second order. I searched the internet for label providers and I'm glad I chose you. Everything seems done meticulously." Jessica L. from CT

"Thank you for providing a consistent quality product. I have been very pleased with your labels and service - both as a center director and as a mother. Bari from NY

"I purchased my first set of labels 3 years ago when my daughter was born.  I've used them on everything and they are amazing!!  I just wanted to pass along a big "Thank You!" for producing the best labels on the market. " Jennifer from MI

"I just wanted to let you know I am so very pleased with the quality of your labels. I am a very organized and neat person and these labels have made my life so much easier. I purchased my first set back in September & used them for my daughter's day care items & clothes and now I have ordered two more sets. These labels stay on everything - they are truly fantastic. Terrific product! Thank you." Jennifer V. from NJ

"I'm a repeat customer and I just wanted to say THANK YOU! The labels have been FABULOUS! I admit, I was a bit skeptical about how well they would stay on, but I am proud to say the only ones that have come off have been because I peeled them off (not without a fight). So thank you for making my life just a bit easier! I would also like to add how proud it makes me to be buying a product from a real mom who saw a need. Your trial and error has made a product that makes life a bit easier for other moms - knowing that I don't have to spend precious minutes in the mornings "de-gunking" a bottle because of masking tape residue is priceless. You are a role model! Much thanks!!!" Christy W. from GA

"These labels are ingenious! We tried so called permanent markers, labeling tape, masking tape, you name it, and they all came off in the dishwasher. These labels were fantastic, are still on our bottles after months of washing, and just help to make our lives a little simpler." Jennifer F. from TX

"I honestly think it's a great product. And with all of those missing hats and gloves out there this time of year, this is the perfect time for moms and dads to be stocking up on labels! I really am impressed with your product - the labels seem to have survived both my four year old and the washing machine!" Kathleen K. from MI

"By the way, I'm posting a great review of your products and service to my online mommy group - a group of women all who have babies born over this past summer. I hope it generates some new business for you guys because your labels are fantastic and you have provided me with excellent service. Thanks!" Julie O. from CA

"I really appreciate it! I have passed your information onto a ton of friends - hope you get some new business! I love the labels! My son started daycare on Monday and the teachers thought his bottles were so cute! Not to mention they just don't come off!! I wish your business much success and I am sure to be getting more in the future. Thanks again!" Ashley M. from GA

"I have been using Applied Labels for quite a while now & I LOVE them! They stay on through multiple washings, etc." Crystal B. from NC

"This is the 3rd order I have made so far.... I absolutely love these labels and hope my friends order some, too." Tanya D. from RI

"I just wanted to let you know that your tapes and labels are fabulous! Since my daughter is in daycare, I use them every single day with her bottles and clothes, they are great! I have washed the bottles hundreds of times by hand and through the dishwasher and neither the tape or the label has moved an inch! I bought some for my sister in law and some for friends---GOOD WORK! Thank You!" Natalie S from AR

"Thanks! I love your labels - as do my son's caregivers. They last so well and look so nice on his bottles, etc."
Peg M. from NJ

"This is an excellent product. I applied the labels to my kids swim suits and beach towels for camp and they did not come off or peel or degenerate in any way!" Nancy from NJ

"Got the labels the other day - they are great!! And I recommend your company to all my mom friends!" Jenny from MI

"I use these in my home daycare and they are wonderful. I am getting ready to order more as I have more little people to take care of. Thanks and I am so glad I found you." Toni from IL

"I think your idea is fantastic and have forwarded on to many new moms in my office. So glad I stumbled upon them on Google." Laura from GA

"I received the labels today and you are amazing!!!!!!  Thank you so very much.  I will be able to rest much easier when the kids are at school.  You are amazing." Shannon from NY

About Our Service:

"Oh my goodness! Thank you so much. I can't believe the excellent customer service that you have provided. I'm afraid I've become cynical about customer service, but clearly your company truly puts the customer first. I will also tell all my friends to order labels from your company! Thank you for your immeasurable assistance. I look forward to receiving the package and continuing to shop with appliedlabels!" Carol from MD

"I appreciate your help with this...great customer service...and I will be sure to let my Facebook/google+/twitter friends know about it! :)" Jo from CA

"Thank you for having such great customer service.  I will be sure to recommend you to other mommies." Helen from IL

"wow! you are so quick and thanks for getting all of the details right! :)....i'll definitely continue to order from your site!!  even though this may have been somewhat of a "simple" request, this is some of the best customer service i've ever received! (and i do my fair share of online and offline shopping! :) )" Gina from CA

"You're amazing- The labels are perfect and couldn't be easier to iron. Not only did they get delivered within 24 hours but it took me less than 30 minutes to put them on all of my daughter's clothes for a one-month summer camp. And that's in addition to perfect service!" Daniele from KY

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We offer the very best in personalized name labels. Our selection includes waterproof labels, dishwasher-safe labels, specialty baby bottle labels, date labels and clothing labels like iron-on labels. They are the perfect labels for kids attending daycare, school, or camp. They are equally as great for grown-ups or nursing homes too!